what's our story?

We want to walk in your shoes and describe your unique offering.

Passion and ambition are two words to best describe our brand. Passionate about connecting with people who are looking to put their best face forward. Ambitious because we want to be one of the best in our field to produce great work for our clients.


In all brands, there are many voices running and guiding them. But sometimes the people behind the brand may need a little help. That’s where we come in: to guide your team and work with them. To help see new marketing opportunities and grow your business. Because, quite frankly, isn’t that why you began your business in the first place? If you’re nodding ‘yes', then perhaps we may be of help.


Jorssen Media is a digital marketing company in Vancouver with the goal to help grow businesses, but who may not require employing someone in-house, full time. We are happy to step in whether you’re a startup, non-profit or an established business. We aim to provide affordable options, and as well create digital marketing solutions that are simple and easy to convey. We strategize with you to take out the confusion and offer straightforward and elegant ideas.

Every client is different and so their position is unique. Therefore what we create is truly bespoke.



We offer services in:


  • content creation

  • campaign development & management

  • social media management

  • social strategy development & consultation





*All of these services can be easily integrated remotely. Please send us an email to set up a complimentary consultation to discuss possible next steps.