Can we create a buzz?

“Can you create a buzz?”

Something I have been asked more than once. Or my favourite:

“Can you make it go viral?”

Buzz, yes. Viral, well maybe.

Truth is, is that people are much more sensitive to blasts online and are able to scrutinize more quickly if they’re being sold to. Think about it: do you receiving a sales pitch when you didn't enquire? No, thank you.

So how do we create said buzz?

When working with a company, we begin our first meeting by asking many, many questions. Some may not even seem relevant to you. That’s okay because they are vital for us in order to be successful for you. It’s important that we ask a plethora of questions because firstly, we want to know what makes your company tick. You know, those little underlying isms that are inhibiting the way of creating momentum for you.

Then, we find the true roots of the brand. What’s your story? What makes your company unique? What separates you from the rest? Only you can decipher that. However, once that’s clear, we jump over to step three.

What are your company objectives for the next year? Now listen carefully because this is the best part. This is where the juice is. Because if your company isn’t specific on its objectives and trajectory, how could any marketing company adequately talk to your audience and create campaign goals? Like peanut butter and jelly, they go hand-in-hand…now I’m hungry.

But I digress. Before giving us a call, make sure your company’s ducks are in a row. Plan to have 2-3 objectives set for the year and that way, there’s a foundation to build upon.

Until then, talk with you soon.

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