What is “#thefrankeffect”?

Meet Frank. He’s cheeky and loves to be rough and soft with you at the same time.

Who is he, you may ask?

You may be surprised to learn that he is a delicious coffee body scrub. Oh yes, just read on…

Frank Body Scrub is made from coffee grounds to help alleviate rough skin, diminish scares and acne and virtually make skin glow. It truly does make it feel incredibly smooth. However today, we are looking at this brand because we love it for more than just its lovely scent and positive results.

This brand has ascended characterization to another level, in which we immediately fell in love when we first discovered the company on Instagram.

Upon reading their excerpts, you’ll quickly realize that the brand has a male’s voice and is directly speaking to his audience. He refers to all women (and sometimes men) as ‘babes’ and has a voice that sounds strong, seductive, but with a little wink at the end. In all of the company’s copy, you will find his consistent voice through their writing and in their correspondence. What we love is their consistency to stay true to their brand’s uniqueness.

Consistency is key.

It makes for a fun experience when interacting with the brand at any level. You feel as though they are speaking through the screen, directly to you. Kind of feels like a warm hug from a strong and sexy man.

“Why is @charcharbinkss so happy? Other than being as soft as a kitty, she’s pretty chuffed that she’s found a guy who understands how important beauty time is. #letsbefrank”.

Pretty effective, right?

Good branding makes sense.

Great branding feels good to interact with and has a long-lasting effect. And that, dear readers, is #thefrankeffect.

Find Frank here:



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