Life on the Sunny Side - Interview with Sunny Lenarduzzi

Her's just too perfect not to use it! No wonder her company name is simply "Sunny Lenarduzzi" which represents the woman, brand strategist and mastermind behind it.

Firstly, you may be curious as to why we are writing about Sunny when Jorssen Marketing is a digital marketing company that has many overlaps of interest? Well, we feel it's important to highlight those we feel who are unique and most importantly, who generously give insight back to their community. There's room for all of us, so why not support and learn from one another along the way?

Meet Sunny, broadcaster and online entrepreneur. Not only do we love her because of a mutual adoration for old school R&B and dance being in her bones, but because there's a reciprocal love for online marketing and its importance. No matter the size of biz, any company would benefit from coaching and Sunny does that and more. What milestones has she achieved? We thought about listing her accomplishments, but her accolades are endless (for real, check them out here).

Below you'll read our brief interview with this trailblazer and enjoy her candidness about making mistakes. She is truly one to watch if you're in the midst of detangling the web of what is online marketing. Where to start? Well, her Youtube videos are a great place to begin scratching the surface.

1. We love the fact that you’ve used your name for your company. Your name is so memorable! Did you ever consider using a completely different name though?

  • I did consider “Social Sunny” as my company name at one point, but I’m so glad I just stuck with my own name. It’s given me the flexibility to evolve in the products and services I offer. And it’s even allowed me to launch a sub brand with Be Your Own Boss and create my own product line around the #byoBOSS movement. ( )

2. How would you say you’ve become an expert on social media and branding?

  • By doing it. Lol! That’s the quick answer. I’ve been studying this for almost a decade and every strategy I teach, I’ve tried first hand. I dove in headfirst into trying to figure out social media when I launched my first business. I had no idea what I was doing, but that’s kind of been a recurring theme in my life. I learn best by doing, making mistakes, trying, pivoting and repeating.

3. You’re obviously killin’ it and getting huge accolades! At what point did you feel that your brand was successful? Was there a memorable moment for you?

  • My biggest success is the community I’ve built of thousands of entrepreneurs with the Be Your Own Boss Mastermind on Facebook. That group is my definition of success. It’s a movement and it’s people supporting one another in following their dreams. (

4. Your branding is so on point and your messages to your audience or so clear. Have you ever had

moments along the way where you’ve questioned your marketing strategy or direction?

  • I haven’t ever questioned my strategy, because I always do what feels right to me. I’ve definitely had flubs and made mistakes, but I use those moments to grow and evolve and it always works out.

5. What are your plans for your company within the next 5 years?

  • We have so many!! A book is definitely on the horizon and continuing to grow our community. I do envision a school or academy teaching online entrepreneurs how to create an authentic and successful business, we’re just working through how that would look.

6. You’ve worked with many successful entrepreneurs and innovative companies. Is there a common thread when you look at success amongst these people and brands? Anything in common to take away?

  • Determination. Truly, I believe commitment to your cause is what separates good from great. There are a million reasons to quit, but if you’re clear on your purpose and how you’re positively impacting those you serve, you will always have a will to move forward. Just keep moving forward.

7. What did you say you wanted to be when you grew up?

  • I said I wanted to build an empire. I’d say I’m on my way ;)

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