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Connecting with like-minded brands who want to elevate one another is simply exciting. There’s a common thread between us and Abstract Financial Consulting and that is that we love to support and highlight entrepreneurs. Our core businesses are nothing alike, but we’ve both created these layers that not only makes us (hopefully) unique, but relatable. Meet Gurman, Kritika and Joti who together, recently launched a financial consulting company with the not-so-typical run of the mill financial branding. Quite the opposite, in fact. Refreshing and clearly targeted. And with the perfect tagline “Not your average accountants”. Intrigued? You just may want to work with them after reading their interview… 1. Okay, let’s dive right into what’s obvious! You three are making financial planning look beautiful and attractive! Quite the opposite in aesthetical branding when you look at other financial planning services. It looks like you’re trying to attract female entrepreneurs. Is there a significant reason?

When we started our business, we knew we were getting into an industry that is highly male dominated. We felt we had an advantage as three women starting this company in a male dominant industry, as there are tons of women entrepreneurs who are not able to relate to their accountants. We never intended on targeting females - our clients are a good mix of both males and females. However, we find that by nature, we tend to attract female entrepreneurs. There is a whole new wave of modern industries led by females that previously did not exist. For instance, photography and event planning are two such industries that are emerging and creating strides in the market. We want to cater to the “new age” businesses by allowing our financial background and knowledge of such creative industries join forces and create something amazing; hence, the creative approach to finance with our branding. 2. Have you been finding success in reaching your target market through your branding and storytelling through social media?

We definitely have been attracting the type of entrepreneur we are hoping to attract with our branding: the modern, the creative, the open minded, and the ones that want to set themselves up for success through proper strategic planning. We find Instagram is playing a huge role in this given the limited number of accountants sharing information on this platform in a creative manner. 3. The more specific a brand is, the easier it is for them to target their ideal client. Do you find that the people you are reaching have similar design and social inclinations (on social media) as you?

They do! The reason for designing our posts the way we do is to attract the type of clients that would be drawn to these posts. That is definitely one thing we have learnt in branding our business: to attract the ideal client, we need to think like the ideal client and therefore, post like the ideal client. 4. It’s quite clear what makes you different and stand out from the rest of financial planning services, aesthetically speaking. But how are your actual services unique?

We’re rewinding to what the initial purpose of accountants in a business was – to advise their clients on how to meet and exceed business goals. Instead of just providing year ends and tax returns a few months after the year has completed without informing the client what the numbers mean, we are focusing on educating our clients and taking a proactive approach to their finances rather than looking backwards when the taxes are filed. Our unique proposition is that we are actively involved in our clients businesses and take the time to understand their business goals, as well as hold them accountable by holding quarterly or monthly meetings to discuss their financial plan against their business goals. This allows clients to plan ahead for any opportunities they wish to undertake and have our support throughout the growth of their business. Our success lies in the success of our clients’ and that is our motivator to ensure our clients succeed. 5. Having three women work together is an unusual thing! How has it been balancing the objectives between the three of you during pre-launch and post-launch of your brand?

We all come from different backgrounds and are at different stages in life with one common goal and passion: to have our own business and work with entrepreneurs to grow their business. We have had multiple strategic meetings where we have discussed our objectives and how they align to the objectives of our company. We revisit this strategy as things evolve and ensure we are still on the same page when it comes to where we want the company to go. These sessions help us keep on track and inspire us to work towards our individual and combined goals. 6. You have a couple layers to your brand beyond financial planning, like featuring ‘womanpreneurs’ (which we love, naturally). How do you see this benefitting your business in the long-run?

This started when we were trying to figure out what to post on our Instagram at the early stages of launching our company and tried to take a “business take” on the #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) by changing it to “Womanpreneur Wednesday” and is an idea that has been developing ever since. We take pride in being women and starting a company in an industry that does not have a lot of women who own firms and we understand the struggles that entrepreneurs face in general, since we have experienced the same on our entrepreneurial journey. There is no foreseeable “benefit” per say; however, it does give us pride in sharing the successes of women who are carving a trail for themselves in these emerging industries. 

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