Brand love w. Tree Island Gourmet Yogurt

On my way back from France in September, I grabbed a yogurt at the airport, at the last minute for the ride home. It was delicious. I wondered though, did it just taste more delicious because it was from Paris? 'Most likely', I thought.

However, when I recently met the people from Tree Island Farms and tried their varying flavours, I was brought back to Paris. How?

They explained that in France, they make their yogurt differently and with Tree Island, they've adapted similar processes. Here's what I learned about why it tastes so different and explained why it made me feel so good:

"This old fashioned way of cooking the yogurt at a lower temperature means it is non-homogenized. This means we do not separate the cream from the skim milk. Separating the two is how milk and yogurt companies can have your different percentages of dairy products by mixing together different quantities of the two. Additives like skim milk powders, cornstarch etc. are then added to make the yogurt thicker and creamier again. Their presence can be especially high in 0% yogurt.

Another key point about Tree Island Gourmet Yogurt is that they use grass-fed cows milk. They buy their milk from Birkdale farms, one of the oldest dairy farms on Vancouver Island. Grass-fed cow’s milk is known to be naturally higher in omega-3’s, CLA, beta carotene, and vitamins a, d, and k. One thing they are often asked is if they make low-fat yogurt. They do not because firstly they do not homogenize our yogurt, meaning it can only be the milk fat percentage as it comes from the cow: 3.5% (remember they can’t mix together various quantities of the cream and skim milk!). The more important thing though is that all the benefits of grass-fed yogurt that I mentioned are located in the fat molecules, so you have to eat the fat to get all those omega-3’s and vitamins!

But why do I really love this brand besides it being delightful and healthy? They are transparent and stand behind their product. With beautiful package design, using 50% less plastic containers that will save on accumulative waste, they are building a community that is conscientious on planet and personal health. As for social media, which is always my initial curiosity? They're still growing, but with a small team, they've positioned themselves well; keeping a focus on education and reaching niche communities who are like-minded. This is a brand in which I want to stay connected. To see how they'll grow, what other incredible flavours they'll make next (Orange Blossom Cardamon and Lemon Greek yogurts were my favs) and to see further positive impact from their thoughtful choices. One thing I now know for certain, I will not be buying fat-free yogurt again!

Curious to try Tree Island Gourmet Yogurt? Your taste buds will not be disappointed. Visit their website where you can join their community.

(This is a sponsored post, written by Kelsey of Jorssen Media. All thoughts are her own.)

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