Interview with Talent Lab (Alisha Adams and Tess Sloane)

1. First, please tell us briefly about your business.

Talent Lab is a progressive HR and Recruitment Consultancy. We are passionate about the Human Side of Business. We also known for our beautiful conferences which are aimed at supporting individuals in Awakening their Purpose, Passion and Career.

2. We agree, the need for human connection and empathy is so needed, especially when onboarding potential employees. How would you suggest companies re-integrate this into their process?

At Talent Lab we help companies add to their teams in a way that strengthens the culture they want to create and we help them set goals and measures of productivity to help encourage growth in alignment with purpose and core values.

3. As a result, please tell us how you believe companies may keep up with the speed of AI (if they want to use a human focus)?

Artificial intelligence is great for business in many ways, from automating business processes to eliminating repetitive tasks and increasing efficiencies - however it highlights the need for the “human” side of businesses more than ever. We know for sure that Empathy, Grit, Courage and Emotional Intelligence are the business skills of the future. These can never be replaced or automated.

People now more than ever are craving purpose and development in their work.

Companies must have strong HR support that are highly connected to the business, a strategic partner to the Senior Leadership team and support the recruitment, development and retaining of your most valuable asset – people.

4. You launched your business as a resource, but have grown into a recruitment agency. Why?

Talent Lab officially opened for business as a HR + Recruiting agency in September 2018 due to demand from companies resonating with what we were up to.

5. To help those find their purpose and passion, tell us more on how you do this!

Part of how we are working to infuse the human aspect of business into the business culture here in Vancouver is by putting on a conference bringing together industry leaders in the talent acquisition, inclusion and coaching space so they can share their wisdom with 300+ guests. The conference takes place January 15th, 2019 at the Yaletown Roundhouse.

We firmly believe that when individuals are connected to their purpose, they perform better in every aspect of their lives. The world needs more people to awaken and live in alignment with their true selves. We believe there is a place for that in business.

6. Do you believe one can find their purpose in one job or many?

Purpose can mean many different things. We provide the tools and the space for inquiry for you to uncover yours. You can find that in your work, others find it outside of their work and then perform better and report better levels of happiness and fulfillment at work. It’s a win-win!

7. Have you noticed if there’s a trend to finding one’s purpose versus making a high income? How would you suggest prioritising these factors when striving for a new job?

When an individual is aligned with their purpose and clear on what their unique contribution is in the world, they have the possibility to create exactly what is needed to be fulfilled. Income can definitely be a part of that.


Social media handles: @talentlabyvr

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