Kabuni House: Interview with Karin Bohn: Social Media vs. Sales

What first started out as a talk involving "Uncovering Social Media Secrets" (and yes, there are some golden nuggets!), turned into an in depth conversation around sales versus social media marketing. Karin Bohn from House of Bohn puts it quite simply "500K of followers does not equal 500K in the bank." The perception online versus the reality is important because when it comes to focusing on sales for your business, it's not just about being of influence or a popularity contest.

Now, Karin is creating sound influence in her respective sphere because she comes with an in-depth background in luxury interior design. This is her foundation. Then, has begun layering in her passion topics of style, travel, interior design and health. This makes her even more compelling! In this interview, Karin is frank and transparent when it comes to sharing information about her business and focus for social. How do you segue into certain media that comes naturally to you and your business?

Watch her latest Youtube video where I interview Karin for the second time!

Thank you to Karin and her talented team. As well, thank you to Kabuni House for having us and for those who came out with such thoughtful questions. It was great to connect and hear about your businesses!

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