Personal Branding in Fashion w/ To Vogue or Bust

Always so fresh. So put together. Plus, this woman's got some good humour to go along with it all. Meet Alexandra Grant or also lovingly known as "To Vogue or Bust". The name in itself was initially intriguing as 'vogue' means to be prevailing fashion or style of a particular time. Prevailing indeed. This gal is a personal brand, yes, but comes with a wealth of experience in public relations, communications and journalism. It's no wonder she can effectively storytell through fashion and lifestyle. Below, you'll read our brief interview on how her brand developed and what it means to be a lifestyle ambassador in Vancouver.

1. We’ve always been curious about your name. How did you come up with it and why not use your name for your personal brand?

  • I basically named it after my goal: to pursue my passions (at the time, all I wanted to do was to become a fashion journalist) or bust!

2. How did you enter the world of personal branding – what urged you?

  • It was an organic evolution from blogging as a hobby to working in communications, journalism and PR to ultimately working full-time as a blogger. I just have a passion for storytelling and providing authentic, useful information in a fun and stylish way.

3. When you began as a personal brand and not yet receiving sponsorship, how did you sustain your business? Any marketing tricks to share?

  • I worked full-time for years in the journalism and communications world, so I didn’t go full-time with blogging until I was pulling in an equal salary to my last employed position.

4. Do you feel you must stay on point with the ever-evolving world of social since your brand is digitally-based? Or can you pick and choose based on preferences?

  • I think it’s important to try to continuously learn so I’m always opening myself up to new channels and trying to channel myself, but having said that if you have a particular strength by all means, really focus on that as well!

5. You seem like you’re always up to something cool – talking about awesome new products you’ve tried, travelling/promoting beautiful destinations…do you ever take on a project you’re not thrilled about?

  • No! I’m very careful to only work with brands, products or companies that I love and would use in my everyday life.

6. Is your business seasonal? How do you deal emotionally and financially with ebbs and flows (or if you have any)?

  • Working freelance does indeed mean that there are highs and lows (both from an emotional and financial perspective!), but when things get busy, I always remind myself that there will be an inevitable break at some point. And when things get a bit slower, I focus on taking on projects I wouldn’t have had a chance to otherwise when I’m too busy, like a new editorial initiative, more stories, planning a big trip, etc.

7. What advice would you give someone who desires to be a personal brand and make that their business?

  • From a personal perspective, the people I enjoy following and who I’ve been committed to, focus less on their personal branding and more on providing a true value and education to their readers/followers. By authentically trying to be of the greatest service to the most people as possible, your personal brand will develop organically and will serve both you and your followers best.

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