Why is Granola Girl Good for the Hood?

When first introduced to April Bellia, Founder of Granola Girl, we were inspired. Here was a strong woman who was perfectly comfortable in sharing her story of growing her business. Naturally, our ears perked up. But what was intriguing was her transparency on the ups and downs of building a brand; her initial plans and how they changed when things weren’t coming together. Enter the granola.

There are many granola companies local to Vancouver however, we wanted to write about Granola Girl because their branding is. On. Point.

When you walk down the cereal aisle, you cannot miss the bright pink packaging that tends to ‘pop’ off the shelves (smart, right?). On its label are descriptions that’s music to one’s ears: “organic, wheat free, vegan, no refined sugar and…no GMOs”! However, beyond the packaging is a lifestyle and community that April has built both on and offline. Let’s start with online (our favourite place to be):

  • Their Instagram’s aesthetic has bright pink tones in each image, making the profile cohesive. This is key when building a profile with a goal to be based around a particular colour.

  • Their Instagram demonstrates an active lifestyle, softly provoking ideas.

  • Their overall social media feels youthful. This is a another key point when considering what your brand personality should be. For Granola Girl, it’s youthful, fun, energetic and inclusive. Immediately, you can begin to think of the type of audience who would be attracted to not only eating granola, but engaging with their community.

Now offline, April has formed incredible events to give back. She has created the Granola Girl Foundation where they donate to causes to 'women-first initiatives'. As well, we recently had the privilege in attending her Good in the Hood Holiday Party. Their objective is to create heart-based networking. And did we mention the food? To die for. Definitely worth going next year for their Summer Jam or Holiday Party again. The local vendors who attend are of the highest quality and incredibly humble. (Little shoutout to our friends at Social T. who helped grow attendance through social and personalized outreach to their networks!)

What we’re trying to point out: their brand personality, social media and packaging is fantastic, but that's only part of the spectrum. Today, people want to connect with the engine behind the brand and what the founders stand for. The public wants to know how they started, what their goals are, when did they fail and what are they truly about? It’s a matter of creating many layers to not just make a sale, but to create authentic loyalty. Granola Girl has done just that.

Now in the morning, light some candles, brew your favourite craft coffee (we recommend Elysian) and curl up with some granola and yogurt. We recommend this lovely way to begin your day.

Find them on Social:

Instagram, Facebook & Twitter: @thegranolagirl

*Another note: make social easy for your users by having the same handle for each platform, like what they did.*

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