Why Your Personal Brand Should Involve Great Hair

I have had the privilege of working with Matthew May since 2009. That's a long relationship with a hair stylist, which means that they must be good. Because like with most people, all it takes is one bad cut not to return to the same professional. This is coming from someone with fine, South African, blonde hair that's easy to damage if not handled with loving care! 'Loving care' is just a portion of what Matt applies. Known for his tagline "Healthy Hair by Matthew May", the word "health" has an even deeper meaning with this talent.

But first, why do we love 'Matthew' as a brand? Well, when you visit this magnetic young man he will say "I make hair pretty" or my personal favourite, "I make people feel pretty". Both are true and both have great meaning to these standards which he holds dear. And it transcends beyond hair because he wants his clients to feel good about themselves as soon as they leave his salon. By working with Matt, I have learned that these healthy feelings then spread into other aspects of his clients' lives. In our conversations, what comes up most is how feeling good about your appearance can play a positive role in your career. Matthew not only brings locks back to life, but goes deeper by helping his clients position themselves appropriately in their respective worlds. Sometimes it's through an introduction with a colleague (quite often actually), other times, it's through deep conversation while he's playing wicked music.

Going to get your hair cut or coloured with Matthew May is more than just "getting your lid did". You are showing up to work on yourself and self-reflect beyond the person you see sitting in front of you in the mirror. You begin by discussing the look you want to achieve then, he tells you in detail on how he'll keep your hair in optimal health. Lastly, (and the best part) talking about how you want to simply feel. Because don't you want to feel good while hustling in your career? Sounds pretty nice doesn't it? Because ultimately, Matt wants to see his clients achieve their goals. (You're also guaranteed to have a few laughs as he sings and dances around you.)

This quick-witted talented guy relies on Instagram and Facebook for promoting his work, which has elevated his business into the success it is today. By using these platforms, he's quite often booked up as he regularly videos how hair beautifully flows after a healthy cut. Want to follow him or book an appointment? Start your new year feeling great in your hustle by connecting with him here:



Matt's Portfolio


- $180 for blondes

- $150 for red & brunettes

- $120 shine & cut

- $50 women's cut

- $40 men's cut

Location: Baxter's on Beach Hair Studio, 1008 Beach Avenue, Vancouver.

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