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Social media communication should sound like a story, build connection and demonstrate your company's unique point of view.

Does your company need social media, but not sure where to begin? Or do you have it running, but it's lackluster with no sense of direction?

This is where i can help you. 

When you join Jorssen Media, I'll review your business goals and develop a customised marketing strategy, so the strategy and business plan are running parallel to one another. My team I and work with you to set up a yearly, quarterly then monthly plan and provide a launch program, so that communication is clear and effective.


Besides our services, interviews and brand reviews, I enjoy speaking for events or consulting with brands when they need a sense of direction and further clarity.

When it comes to consultations, every meeting is different, depending on your current communication methods and your company's knowledge of social media for business. Please contact us for rates and scheduling.

When not working with my talented team, you may find me teaching at Blanche Macdonald Centre on Social Media, Business Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Or, you may find me interviewing panelists such as at Young Women in Business's annual conference.

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No one company should be given the same strategy. Each deserves its own, bespoke plan to reflect its unique offering.